Join the second round of our free Singles Ladder!

Firstly, well done to everyone who participated in the first round! Lots of matches were played with everyone battling it out in good spirit to climb up the ladder. The prizes for first place, most challenges made and most challenges won (male and female) will be announced after the first round officially draws to a close on Friday. Private Lessons and a free Drop In Session voucher are up for grabs. We hope the match practice was helpful for your game and now you can push on with the second round!Start date is Monday 2nd November. Once registered into the ladder you will be added into new one starting 2nd November. There is no deadline to enter, but the sooner you get playing the sooner you can make your way up the ladder. It is suitable for intermediate to advanced level players. You can challenge players up to three places above you, if you win, you take their place. Court fees are split 50/50 between yourself and your opponent.Find playing partners, meet new people and get on court. Good luck and enjoy!

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